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Transformation Within

Fall is upon us. Some bemoan the departure of the fun-filled summer months. With winter knocking on Fall’s leaf-covered door, we find folks slipping into the darkness of depression. People decide to go indoors and ignore the nature that is still continuing to change right outside their own windows.

Fall is a time of change and that is how we should see it. It is a time to prepare to go within our own selves and see what needs to be healed, strengthened or realized.

Winter is the time of work. We have gone within and we are now taking this time of hibernation to do shadow work. It does require significant moments of solitude and what better time to address this task than in winter! Friends may not understand why we are apart at times and, no matter how much we attempt to explain, they may see us as selfish or behaving as though we were superior than they ( i.e. “stuck up”). This may require us to release some friends who are toxic or otherwise not beneficial to us and our life’s path as spirit (for we but spirits having a physical experience as humans in this lifetime).

When Spring arrives, we can emerge like a butterfly does from its cocoon with beauty and grace. We can manifest our realizations. We will always have more work to do on ourselves but at least we have progressed to the point that we are no longer where we once were.

We need to see the seasons happening within us instead of something happening “out there” in the world. We need to operate our lives like the ancients did, in consideration of the seasons. When Earth puts her plants to sleep on the surface so the roots can work underground, we, too, need to go “the our roots” and examine what work needs to be done, what things need to be realized and how we can make small changes.

-Candace Nadine Breen


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