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 The Fear of Melanin   

During the slavery times, Whites prevented slaves from obtaining knowledge, from learning how to read and for practicing their African traditional religions. One unspoken reason behind these blockages was because Whites feared the slaves gaining knowledge because, if they did, they’d realize that they didn’t have to be slaves anymore. The slave masters and slave owners knew that there was power in us accessing our ancestral powers. The slave owners thought that giving the slaves Christianity would cause the slaves to disconnect from their heritage, but the slaves would often mix their African traditional religions and cultures into Christianity in order to disguise their practices. Slaves, forbidden to practice Voodoo, combined Christianity with some aspects of the surrounding Native American tribes and developed Hoodoo. Sometimes, slaves would get together at night far away from the plantation house as not to get caught practicing forbidden religion and culture.

Slave owners separated Blacks from their African ancestral traditions, causing them to be disconnected from their ancestral power. If slaves saw just how powerful they were, they would rise up (and some did, but with not much impact) and fight and refuse to go along with slavery. Even today, many of our melanated brothers and sisters do not realize just how powerful connecting with our ancestry is, and that once we tap into it, we’d see ourselves prosper. Our ancestors have paved the path for us, have walked the earth before us and are now waiting for us to connect with them and to honor them so we could experience the wonders, beauty and prosperity that are part of our heritage.

The innate power that is within all of us people with black and brown skin (but for the sake of this article, we are focusing on those of African descent) is because of melanin. Melanin is more than a color, a hue, or a skin tone. It is the power contained within all of us with African roots. Our melanin not only causes us to have an advantage in the sun but also gives us cosmic level benefits. What is melanin? According to Jade Asikiwe in The Melanin Empath, melanin is a “chemical produced by the brain’s pineal gland”. It causes us to be vibrant beings and innately successful at activities of our choosing. First, we have to realize our power and then believe in it in order for us to activate our melanin’s potential.

Those who oppress us don’t want us to realize the intense spiritual energy within us because they can no longer control us. We realize that we don’t have to live in poverty and that we don’t have to accept educational disadvantages. Our deep connection with the cosmos causes us to be in harmony and unity with nature, with our Earth Mother. Our melanin causes us to absorb all the energy sources in our environment to a much greater degree and more easily than those with less melanin. Studies have shown that light carries intelligence and, when exposed to and absorbing light as sunlight, we are downloading information and transforming this info form the Universe.

Darker color absorbs all colors and comprises many spectrums. Try mixing various colors together and, eventually (no matter what color you add), you’ll end up with a very dark brown, almost black (as “black” is not truly black... if you shine a light on something that looks black, you’ll see that it is very dark brown). When my son was a toddler, I would have him do paintings or paint unfinished objects. All of his painting turned out looking very muddy because he would paint many colors on top of one another until I saw no discernible color but I knew that, although his pieces were always dark brown, they comprised various colors blended and mixed.

Lighter colors and whiter colors deflect color as it pushes it away. Using the paint example, you cannot mix any colors to get white, but you can get a lighter version of the color.

Since melanin moves very quickly through darker-skinned people, it causes us to be more vibrant, aware, to be quick in our responsiveness and gives us enhanced abilities. Besides freedom, melanin gives us access to ancestral and spiritual power, lowers our risks of getting cancer, repairs damaged tissue, protects cells and both prevents and fights infections. Melanin, as our source of creative energy, explains why brown and black people often excel at sports. It is crucial to our survival and to our existence that we embrace our color, our melanated heritage and ancestry, especially in times of racial injustice and racial violence in order to maintain ancestral appreciation, honor, gratitude, prosperity and advancement.


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