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Singin' The Blues

Don't let the winter blues get to you, especially if you are a gardener like I am. I find living in the Northeastern United States to be wonderful except when winter rolls around. I don't ski and am not a fan of large amounts of snow. Thanks to climate change, lately winters have been milder than I remember from my childhood. Despite that, however, there are still plenty days of cold, snow and freezing wind. Depression also skyrockets during these long winter months.

I love the outdoors, specifically my outdoors. I love my wooded property with its huge garden and extreme quiet. For three seasons out of the year, my garden is growing and giving me such happiness. I love sitting on my garden bench and taking in my lush surroundings, listening to the various birds and watching critters scrambling into the woods. I breathe in the air and fall in love with the Universe all over again.

What does a mystic/eclectic witch do when winter rolls around? It took me years to come up with a way of being happy indoors but I finally can say that I have pushed away the winter blues. I grow plants indoors and not just any plants. I grow tomatoes indoors, beautiful flowers and plants. All of this required me to be inventive, to invest in grow lights and a tabletop grow station. I also recycled some tables to put into my reading room where my plants are located. Since it it warmer upstairs in my house, I grow my tropical plants in my bedroom so that I feel as though I am on some island enjoying the heat and sun. Oh, light therapy sun lamps for yourself help with your mood as well!

So get creative! You CAN do this. If you like winter, then today's blog may not be for you but if you're anything like me, bring the sun indoors! Paint some brightly-colored paintings. If painting is not your cup of tea, then shop at thrift stores, your local big box store etc. Bright colors have been proven to decrease depression.

Winter blues, be gone! Bring on the warmth!


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