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I am a Goddess and I Roar!

What does it mean to be a Goddess? We, as woman ARE all goddesses because we consist of sacred divine feminine energy. Being a Goddess (yes, with a capital "G") means accepting ourselves as we are and not allowing society or male-dominated groups to dictate who we are, what we should be and what roles we should fill. We can be anything we want. We have feminine divinity within ourselves. WE create our own destiny. We are connected with the Great Cosmic Mother and we are strong and beautiful.

Samhain will soon be upon us and during this upcoming season we need to work on shedding that what no longer serves us. Just as the trees shed their leaves and grow newer, more beautiful ones in the Spring so, too, must we shed that which is symbolically dead to us. We use this season to prepare to step into our Goddess power and embrace and love ourselves by ridding ourselves of toxins and lower vibrational energy. With the autumn harvest, we are to harvest the creative energy that is present within our natural surroundings and take inspiration from our Earth Mother so, that in the Spring, we can emerge full, powerful and in total feminine bloom. We will show ourselves unashamed of who we are as women and unashamed of our feminine nature.

We need to love our bodies, our shapes, our hair, our skin. Every wrinkle, lump and mark should not be hidden but should be celebrated! We don't have to fit into roles picked out for us! We need to take hold of the divine feminine energy and not only embrace it but digest and become it!


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