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Fresh Start

I think of the changing of the calendar year as a chance to have a clean slate. To me, it's like getting ready for something new or something different in my life. To symbolize this, I get a new journal book so that I can feel that sense of newness and not carry over the old "business" from the previous year..

As I have said numerous times on my podcast, I do not make resolutions for the new year because I believe it sets myself up for failure. In addition, it's a lot of stress. I definitely don't want to spend the year stressed over whether or not I am meeting my goals. I just plan to make small changes which creates a momentum that builds naturally on its own throughout the year and, before you know it, those small changes have become significant improvements of my life. With this positive energy around myself, I only allow more positive energy in and the Universe complies with this. Opportunities appear. Positive people suddenly appear. Anything negative gradually disappear, making room for still more positive energy, actions and situations.

So, how to you embrace the changing of the year? I'd love to know! Email me at! Note: Some comments may be shared on future podcasts so let me know if you'd like your name included or excluded in the sharing!

Happy 2023!


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